Here’s a fam hist doc that will blow your mind

This is a 53 page word doc outlining numerous features of the LDS site, and many other related genealogy sites.

I know I need to break this down into many articles, but for now I’m just going to post it as one 53 page article with an index that may help navigate it.



  • Games – 13 Fun Family History Games (pg 22 half way through)
  • Find temple names – 10 ways to find family names to take to the temple ( Pg 25 half way through)
  • Fun things to do for your Family Home Evening family history night (pg 30- half way through)


Family Search Partners & FS activities

As of June 2018


Discover, Gather, Connect has 6 billion searchable historic records from around the world; and 1.2 billion names in its collaborative, editable Family Tree


  • Discover: an ancestor is more than just a name; they are an individual with their own life
  • Gather: collect things about your ancestor like fotos, vital information, stories, ordinances
  • Connect: make a connection with your ancestor as a person; have a heart-changing experience



Table of Contents:

=========================================……………………………………………………. 6

  1. 14 Interesting ways to be involved with family history. Try just one!…………………………….. 6

=========================================……………………………………………………. 6

B1. Family Search –- has 6 billion searchable records (2 billion images) and 1.2 billion names in its collaborative family tree; always free……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 7

  1. FS – Database of 8 billion free names and record images………………………………………… 8
  2. FT – Database of 1.2 billion names – One world tree, collaborative and editable…………… 8
  3. FS wiki (answers to questions)………………………………………………………………………… 9
  4. FT hints……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 9
  5. The Family History Guide with 1000 videos and articles on navigating FS FT……………….. 10
  6. Compare a face — What ancestor do you look like?……………………………………………… 10
  7. Early Missionaries in your family tree (1830-1930)………………………………………………. 10
  8. Celebrate the lives of your ancestors Calendar…………………………………………………… 10
  9. Discover your relative’s WW I draft registration card…………………………………………… 10
  10. Ancestor Challenge………………………………………………………………………………….. 10
  11. Strength from our Grandmothers…………………………………………………………………. 11
  12. Browse the Joseph Smith Papers to see if you have ancestors mentioned…………………. 11
  13. Adding Memories to your Database……………………………………………………………… 11

How to add a memory………………………………………………………………………………… 11

Sources of memories………………………………………………………………………………….. 11

  1. Fun things to do with memories…………………………………………………………………. 12

B2. Family Search (FS) partners – 151 partners & counting………………………………………….. 14

B3. Finding Elusive Records on FS – 77% of records can’t be found by “searching”………………. 15

B4. LDS Church History Library (15 E No Temple, SLC, Ut; 801-240-2272)…………………………. 15

=========================================………………………………………………….. 15

  1. Common sites used for Family History (alpha)……………………………………………………….. 15

Ancestry* –- Collection of family trees and records; DNA matches; 16 billion records; Upload your tree   16

BillionGraves* – 12 million headstone records; free access………………………………………….. 16

Find-a-grave* – 165 million burial records & 75 million fotos………………………………………… 16

Find-a-record* –- Identify individuals needing temple work; clean up your family tree…………. 17

Find My Past* website – 4 billion British & Irish records; Upload your tree……………………….. 17

Geneanet* – 400 million individuals in their family online trees; Upload your tree………………. 17

Google – search for obits, birth & death, marriage, family trees, fotos, maps…………………… 18

  1. Google maps……………………………………………………………………………………………. 18
  2. Google images…………………………………………………………………………………………. 18
  3. Google instructions for genealogists:………………………………………………………………. 18
  4. Google searches for obituaries……………………………………………………………………… 18

Pedigree Pie* (BYU) — Shows a color-coded chart of your family origins…………………………… 18

Mobile Devices……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 19

Mooseroots — Gives name origins and name meanings………………………………………………. 19

Mormon Overland (The) index* — Histories, fotos and stories of individuals who crossed the plains            19

MyHeritage* website — Database of family trees (3B profiles) and records (9B records). Upload your tree.       19

Puzzilla* — View your ancestor and descendant tree as a spider……………………………………. 20

Relative Finder* (BYU) – Discover how you are related to Prophets, Presidents, and Friends….. 20

Rootsmapper* – Maps showing where ancestors came from……………………………………….. 20

Rootsweb — database of 700 million names that have been uploaded for others to view………. 21

Treeseek* — has a 9 generation color fan chart; US census’ attached to a grandparent……….. 21

Virtual Pedigree* (BYU) — a super fast-loading family tree without having to load a new page. 22

Wooden Village* – Find ordinaces, hints, duplicates, relationships, tutorials…………………….. 22

====================================………………………………………………………….. 22

  1. Games – 10 Fun Family History Games & Activities………………………………………………… 22
  2. Geneopardy – Win prizes by answering questions about your family………………………… 22
  3. Scrambled Tree Game – names and faces………………………………………………………… 23
  4. Match game – flip a card over to match………………………………………………………….. 23
  5. Fast Photo Game – Click before the time runs out………………………………………………. 23
  6. Lifes Journey Game – important events in your family………………………………………….. 23
  7. Little Family Tree for Android & IOS – games, fotos, activities for pre-schoolers…………… 23
  8. Branches game for iPad. Pick 3-6 generations & put in right spot……………………………. 23
  9. Check out a very cool calendar of your g-parents bir-marr-death dates…………………….. 23
  10. Look at/print a cloud of your ancestors most common names (all, male, female) – maybe relative having a baby and you want to give them name ideas………………………………………………………………………………… 23
  11. Celebrate the lives of your ancestors Calendar…………………………………………………. 24
  12. Discover your relative’s WW I draft registration card…………………………………………. 24
  13. Discover Strength from our Grandmothers……………………………………………………… 24

=========================================………………………………………………….. 24

  1. Family Search Activities………………………………………………………………………………….. 24

If you have a question:…………………………………………………………………………………… 24

Find temple names – 10 ways to find family names to take to the temple……………………… 25

  1. HopeChest…………………………………………………………………………………………… 25
  2. home page Recommended tasks, temple tab –………………………… 25
  3. –…………………………………………………………………………………. 25
  4. –……………………………………………………………………………… 26
  5. FamilySearchFamilyTree App (mobile app) –………………………………………………….. 26
  6. Take-a-Name App (mobile app)………………………………………………………………….. 26
  7. FS has a descendancy view with green tree icons (familysearch.og)………………………. 26
  8. Another FS descendancy view for extended lines (……………………… 26
  9. Another FS descendancy view using BYU’s virtual tree (search manually)……………….. 26
  10. –………………………………………………………………………………………. 26

Temple Work Permission Rule for those born within 110 years……………………………….. 27

Permission hierarchy………………………………………………………………………………….. 27

Indexing, a labor of love…………………………………………………………………………………. 27

  1. Indexing on the Web (computer or tablet; not available on mobile)………………………. 27

(General Indexer instructions)………………………………………………………………………. 27

=========================================………………………………………………….. 28

  1. Research Helps……………………………………………………………………………………………. 28
  2. Sites for Research help/instructions…………………………………………………………….. 28
  3. Research Outlines………………………………………………………………………………….. 29
  4. General Research Guides…………………………………………………………………………. 29

Research Help –……………………………………………………………………………………….. 29

=========================================………………………………………………….. 30

  1. Fun things to do for your Family Home Evening family history night…………………………….. 30

FHE lessons……………………………………………………………………………………………… 30

(15 family activities)…………………………………………………………………………………… 30

=========================================………………………………………………….. 32

  1. Family History Center Portal……………………………………………………………………………. 32

Topics:………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 32

Premium Family History Websites:…………………………………………………………………….. 33

  1. 19th Century British Library Newspaper Digital Archive – 70 UK & Irish papers with 3 million pages searchable 33
  2. American Ancestors – New England Historic Genealogical Society – 400 million searchable names; 1.4 billion records 33
  3. Ancestry – 16 billion records. Institute versions: US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom (……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 34
  4. ArkivDigital – Swedish Genealogy access to about 77 million images of church records and other historical records. (……………………………………………………………………………………….. 34
  5. Fold3 – 118 million records in Military Records (………………………………… 34
  6. Geaneanet- started in France, principally in Europe. Trees of 400 million. Post your own tree. 34
  7. Kinpoint (premium) – shows problems in family tree, record matches, possible temple names 35
  8. MyHeritage – started in telaviv, now worldwide. 3B family trees & 9B records. Post your own tree 35
  9. Newspaper Archive – 2.3 billion US newspaper articles……………………………………. 35
  10. Paper trail – US American pioneer wagon train diaries; 3500 orig docs; 74,000 searchable names 35
  11. Puzzilla (premium) –……………………………………………………………………………… 36

=========================================………………………………………………….. 36

  1. Post your own family tree gedcom database to:…………………………………………………….. 36

To Others web sites………………………………………………………………………………………. 36

To your own personal computer……………………………………………………………………….. 37

=========================================………………………………………………….. 37

  1. Temple and Family History Quotes…………………………………………………………………….. 37

Bednar, David A (Apostle) – Temple and family history can help an investigator, less-active member, active member understand the plan of salvation……………………………………………………………………………………… 37

Bednar, David A (Apostle) – Don’t overprogram the youth, let them explore; youth prepared for this day to assist in this glorious work; protected & safeguarded……………………………………………………………………….. 38

Eyring, Henry B (First Presidency) – Saviors love to those who offer eternal life to their ancestors         38

Nelson, Russell M (Apostle) – It blesses the lives of the living and has a refining influence….. 39

Nelson, Russell M (President of Church) – Come unto Christ on both sides of the veil………… 39

Oaks, Dallin H (First Presidency) – we gather our ancestors into our hearts and connect them together         39

Packer, Boyd K (Pres Qm of the 12 Apostles) – Our interest turns our hearts to our fathers, treasures in heaven      40

Renlund, Dale G (Apostle) – find names and take them to the temple; protection and personal power            40

Scott, Richard G (Apostle) – Will have feelings from the Holy Ghost to guide you…………….. 40

Scott, Richard G (Apostle) – spirits rejoicing because now they are free……………………….. 41

Smith, Joseph Jr (Pres of Chur) – Greatest responsibility is to seek after our dead…………….. 41

=========================================………………………………………………….. 41

  1. DNA research (both 2017 & 2018 rootstech online)……………………………………………….. 41

=========================================………………………………………………….. 41

  1. Temple and Family History Consultant………………………………………………………………… 41

Free screen sharing site for consultations out of the area…………………………………………. 42

  1. Hints which lead to better data, adding spouse & parents, temple work…………………… 42

=========================================………………………………………………….. 43

  1. Write/record recollections, bio, auto, or edit & expand existing ones…………………………. 43

Write a couple of paragraphs about recollections of you mother, father, g-parents, special friends.     43

Write an auto-biography, a biography of someone (sketch of your/their life)…………………. 44

CHAPTER 1: In the Beginning…………………………………………………………………………… 44

CHAPTER 2: In Your Neighborhood……………………………………………………………………. 44

CHAPTER 3 School Days…………………………………………………………………………………. 44

CHAPTER 4: Off to Work…………………………………………………………………………………. 44

CHAPTER 5 Romance & Marriage…………………………………………………………………….. 44

CHAPTER 6: Leisure and Travel………………………………………………………………………… 45

CHAPTER 7: Places of Worship…………………………………………………………………………. 45

CHAPTER 8 War & Peace……………………………………………………………………………….. 45

CHAPTER 9 Triumph and Tragedy……………………………………………………………………… 45

CHAPTER 10 Words of Wisdom…………………………………………………………………………. 45

CHAPTER 11: Funnybones……………………………………………………………………………….. 46

CHAPTER 12 Thank You………………………………………………………………………………….. 46

=========================================………………………………………………….. 46

  1. What can I do for 15 minutes?…………………………………………………………………………. 46
  2. Resolve hints on your computer, tablet or mobile device………………………………………. 46
  3. Index on your computer or tablet………………………………………………………………….. 46
  4. Clear temple names on your computer, tablet or mobile device……………………………… 46
  5. Sync a few records from FT to Ancestry/MyHeritage/Geneanet/FindMyPast………………. 46
  6. Use google searches to look for a photo, obituary, newspaper article on your ancestor and add it to memories in FS 46
  7. Play a FS game or activity (matching, remembering, pointing)……………………………….. 47
  8. Go to FamilySearch Discovery to see your ancestors in a whole new way…………………… 47

=========================================………………………………………………….. 47

  1. Country/State Basic Research Procedures…………………………………………………………… 47

(Unique for a given state in the US)……………………………………………………………………. 47

Utah……………………………………………………………………………………………………… 47

(Unique to a specific country)…………………………………………………………………………… 47

google translate……………………………………………………………………………………….. 47

Research Outlines……………………………………………………………………………………… 47

General Research Guides…………………………………………………………………………….. 47

China Research……………………………………………………………………………………………. 48

Chinese Genealogical Key words List from the wiki……………………………………………… 48

Mexico Research…………………………………………………………………………………………. 50

Explore research in Mexico………………………………………………………………………….. 50

Spanish Key Words (from the wiki)………………………………………………………………….. 50

Samoa Research………………………………………………………………………………………….. 51

Samoan Key Words……………………………………………………………………………………. 51

Tonga Research…………………………………………………………………………………………… 52

Tongan Key Words…………………………………………………………………………………….. 52

=========================================………………………………………………….. 52

  1. Misc ideas and problem-solving………………………………………………………………………… 52

Resolving some difficult FS problems………………………………………………………………….. 52

You can use as a testing place that will not affect the main site….. 52

  1. Ordinances not available…………………………………………………………………………….. 52
  2. Why do I spend most of my time on FSFT solving “hints”?………………………………………. 53




A. 14 Interesting ways to be involved with family history. Try just one!


  1. Hold a Family Home Evening with family history as the theme. Here are 6 FHE ideas/activities:

  1. Create a history, autobiograhy, bio of yourself or someone else (phone them)
  2. Expand a current history by adding maps, fun facts, photos, rewriting, etc
  3. Learn FH stories and relate them to others
  4. Play FH games like geneopardy, Who is this. (see “games” in section A)
  5. Reserve a name for the temple
  6. Attend the temple for your own ancestors; or for another persons’ ancestors
  7. Attach memories (photos, histories, documents, audio files)
  8. Resolve hints (blue); add parents of those marrying into the family and do their temple work
  9. Expand lines (back/g-parents; forward/cousins)
  10. Reach out to extended family: reunions, newsletters, FB, phone calls
  11. Highlight family members: birthdays (who’s b-day today), wars fought in (Memorial Day), marriage dates (Valentines Day)
  12. Build up in others a love for their deceased relatives
  13. Index – Getting into indexing. Read this article:

and watch this “how to get started” video







F-a-m-i-l-y S-e-a-r-c-h


B1. Family Search –- has 6 billion searchable records (2 billion images) and 1.2 billion names in its collaborative family tree; always free    

Login with LDS username and pw for temple info (or create a unique login/no temple info) (Always free)


Member and non-member signup for FS. Familysearch has thousands of non-member and LDS users. Both sign up in the same way except an LDS person has their member record number which then gives them a view of temple information. Encourage your non-member/less active friends to sign up and connect their “living” placeholders with the “deceased” database of 1.5 billion names.


A good video (49 min) on making the most of FamilySearch –


FS has a site where you can Discover your ancestors in a whole new way

The have Compare-a-Face; Ancestor Challenge; Missionaries; Grandmothers in RS


Searching: You can search in FS (thru the individual in FT), modify name, date, collections

Familysearch (FS, FT, wiki, non-members, how to join FS, how to build a FT)




FamilySearch is the largest genealogical organization in the world (Wikipedia). It’s primary purpose is to elicit collaboration between users and expand genealogical databases and knowledge is a free website and is divided into two distinct databases — FS which is a collection of indexed records and FT which is a collection of many LDS records (temple/igi, 4-gen, etc) which are being combined into a single tree with single individuals (that is all records that pertain to a single individual combined/duplicated to one person)

FS is a family web site, so all activities must be family appropriate (photos, stories, etc)

FT is a database of deceased individuals. Anyone who is “living” can only be seen by the person who added them to FT; this protects the right of privacy for all living individuals. These “living” names are used as “placeholders” to link to the deceased individuals in FT.


1. FS – Database of 8 billion free names and record images



These records are indexed/extracted from various church, government, newspaper, private records that are searchable and attachable to FT. The LDS church has approx. 10B names/records digitized (photographed) but not indexed (not searchable) and another 50B on microfilm to be digitized (photographed). FS indexing is adding 1M names daily to the file.


a- digitized and/or indexed

-Digitized means photographed (some have been indexed) – search digitized-only using FS “historical records” and scroll through the records to find your person of interest

-Indexed means searchable for individual names




2. FT – Database of 1.2 billion names – One world tree, collaborative and editable

FT isarranged into pedigree trees with the goal of attaching all entries into one single earth-tree. Originally the DB was a bucket of numerous records that the LDS church had in it’s possession (temple records, membership records, 4-generation records, Pedigree Referral records, etc) that included both LDS and non-LDS individuals. Individuals/families have been “combining” the records into a single entry for each person in the tree. Because an individual


Some of the 1.2 billion names in FT are duplicate (it’s a bucket of many databases) so a “duplicate search” must be done to consolidate other records on the same individual before reserving anyone for temple work


FS login is the same as your general login. The church has consolidated all church-related logins to a single login for each member


For those with FS logins, you can go back 2-3 or 6-7 generations in FT, click on the “descendants” view and will see those with potential temple work available, those with incomplete dates, & those with potential sources to connect


There is a very helpful video that explains how the descendancy view works in searching for temple work:


Remember that before reserving temple work, it is important to do a “duplicate” search for the individual (family view screen, right hand side about half way down)


Those with Non-member logins would not see the temple work info but could focus on the potential sourcing available for that particular ancestor


When attaching a source, FT will give you the option to “attach” all persons in the record to various persons in FT. This is absolutely remarkable and very fast


As you find a visitor’s deceased ancestors in FT, notice the “memories” tab which has histories and photos


Show the portrait view of an individual’s tree (FS, tree, portrait view in the dropdown view)


FT’s “person view” has two searchable records for an individuals… on the right is a “Research Helps/ Record Hints” and below that is “Search Records/Family Search”


3. FS wiki (answers to questions)


4. FT hints

Add missing family to your tree with Record Hints.


  1. watch the video
  2. Look at the “Show Detailed Steps”

to do:

a- Investigate all records with “Research Suggestions/Hints” icon

b- For each person who married into your family, make sure their parents and siblings are added and their temple work is done


. Ongoing project resolving “hints” in FS (blue icon hints)


Hints are 98% accurage – that is about that specific individual. Resolved “hints” are added as sources to validate/purify the data for each person. The hints are 3-star and above, so very accurate.

Periodically someone will ask how correct their line really is. It’s a very good question. The answer is to look at someone’s “sources” in the individual view to see how authentic the data is. The “hints” are from the FS indexed records (6B) and are being attached to the FT individuals (1.2B)

  1. Look for hints in the individual view.
  2. Look for hints in the descendancy view. You look for these the same way you look for green temple icons except these are blue hint icons. First use the fanchart from the individual view, then click on someone out several generations and use the descendancy view (probably 3-4 generations) for the blue hint icons.
  3. When a new marriage partner added through hints, try to find and add their parents and siblings (and do temple work) to make the database more complete.

-search FS “search records” on the individual’s home page for FS,

-search FS “search records” on the individual’s home page for MyHeritage (or findmypast if British records)

-go to website and “search, public member trees or bir-marr-death),


5. The Family History Guide with 1000 videos and articles on navigating FS FT


6. Compare a face — What ancestor do you look like?

See who has the coolest hat, or the “family smile.” Ever wonder where you get your good looks? Compare-a-face will tell you which ancestor looks like you


7. Early Missionaries in your family tree (1830-1930).

My wife who is a first generation member has more early missionaries than I do with pioneer ancestry on all of my family lines (wow!)


8. Celebrate the lives of your ancestors Calendar

Calendar of birth-marriage-death events in your family

Click on the “view relationship” of your ancestor and click on their name to go to their home page and view memories



9. Discover your relative’s WW I draft registration card

Check their contact person (mom, wife, friend); their height and weight, color of hair.



10. Ancestor Challenge

Keep the memory of your ancestors alive. This is a fun challenge of 10 questions about your ancestors (fotos, documents)



11. Strength from our Grandmothers

See which of your female ancestors helped grow the RS. And your Family Tree. Also see Relief Society Fun Facts!



12. Browse the Joseph Smith Papers to see if you have ancestors mentioned.

Meet your relative from the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith


13. Adding Memories to your Database

Memories (stories, photos, documents, memorabilia, obituaries, audio files)

These are the things that bring life to family history… this is the connection that turns the hearts of the children to their fathers


How to add a memory

  1. Once the memory is in your box, you then identify who/what it is and attach it to someone in the familytree databse (easiest is to use that person’s FS ID #).



Sources of memories

1. gma, aunt lizzie,

the old cedar chest, the shoe box – they’re hidden in plain view all around you


2. google images and maps


Search for fotos of your specific ancestors (type in the name; or use quotes with the name; when you get a hit, click on the “images” tab) and upload the images to memories. Be sure to click on the image to see the source and put that in the memory description so folks know where the foto came from


  1. . is a good place to search for obituaries, marriages, histories, photos, etc (i.e., obit for James Calhoon, Utah, 1898)


  1. Google maps

Search for a place (like Devon, England; Medford, Oregon) and you will find maps of your local areas. Use both the map view, the satellite view and the street view to see variations of distances and current businesses. Copy the map and put it into memories or a biography for your ancestor


3. photos that an be added to FS

  1. log into ancestry using your free LDS access account

click on the tree tab to see the size of your database

Look at “hints” to see record hints, photo hints and story hints

  1. Open up FS in another browser, set the two side-by-side
  2. Copy the ancestry photos-stories and add them to FS memories (if the foto is not on your tree, be sure to add the ancestry url of the foto to the description in FT so others know where it came from)


A second way to use ancestry records for photos-stories

  1. Click on the search tab, public member trees; fill in info on one of your ancestors; pick the tree with the most sources/photos and open it up
  2. Click on tools, view in a tree – you will see the tree along with fotos connected to the individuals in the tree



4. Facebook – old location fotos, maps; log into your personal FB account

Search (at the top) for a specific place, i.e. Lima, Peru; Shrewsbury, New Jersey; Devo, England, etc

There will be old and new fotos, maps, that you can copy and upload to memories in FS or into histories or autobiographies that you are revising or compiling



3. Fun things to do with memories

–open FamilySearchFamilyTree on your mobile device, look at the pedigree photo view

– log into FS on the computer and look at the pedigree photo view

look for the ancestor that has the coolest hat, the best pet, etc


A. Map of ancestors

A fun site to see where ancestors came from is   (FS partner). The generations jump like frogs going back in time.

B. Compare a face

— What ancestor do you look like? Ever wonder where you get your good looks? Compare-a-face will tell you which ancestor looks like you. -See who has the coolest hat, or the “family smile.”

C. (mobile) Family Search Family Tree App

— Your Mobile Device can get an app called Family Search Family tree.

-You can see 6 generations of photos, stories and view secondary lines of your family tree.

D. Look at/print a cloud of your ancestors most common names

(all, male, female) – maybe relative having a baby and you want to give them name ideas

You can login with your ID or paste someone else’s. Look for chart type (on the bottom) “Name Cloud” then print it as a pdf. Email or give it to your family member. Or use the “all” ancestors (first or last name) and use it for a t-shirt for a reunion.

E. Little Family Tree for Android & IOS – games, fotos,

activities for pre-schoolers

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)

F. Lifes Journey Game – important events in your family

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)

G. Fast Photo Game – Click before the time runs out

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)

H. Scrambled Tree Game – names and faces

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)

I. Match game – flip a card over to match

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)

J. Identify family fotos

– Keep the memory of your ancestors alive

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)

See if you can identify 10 of 10 ancestors photos.


B2. Family Search (FS) partners – 151 partners & counting


Family Search has formed partnerships with numerous developers to use their Apps/Web sites. Sometimes these apps use the data in FS to view it in a different way; other times the partner websites have their own paid family trees and/or research records that FS members can now access for free.

Categories of Apps:

  • New and Noteworthy- These are apps either just added to the App Gallery or ones you should pay attention to.
  • Charts- Use these apps to view or print your family tree data in a variety of interesting ways.
  • Games- These apps provide fun individual and family activities for all ages
  • Family Tree Management- Use these apps to build and organize your family tree.
  • LDS Access- These apps provide special access and features for Latter-Day Saints (LDS)
  • Photos and Stories- Use these apps to find, preserve, and share precious family memories.
  • Research Assistance- Use these apps to get help, tips on how to research, what to do next, or keep a research log
  • Search- Use these apps to discover more of your ancestors by searching genealogical or historical records.
  • Specialty – Use these apps for special tasks, notifications, or information
  • Tree Analyzing- Use these apps to uncover areas of your family tree that need more attention.
  • List of all 150+ apps (alpha)



These partners use the FT database to view the information it in a different way.


The big 5 partners (ancestry, findmypast, MyHeritage, AmerianAncestors, Geneanet) can be signed up for free at The cash savings from the high profile sites is extraordinary (LDS members only). Non-LDS individuals can access the partners at any family history center thru the portal.


You should upload your individual family tree to Ancestry, FindMyPast, MyHeritage and Geneanet to collaborate with others on their site. However, you can access their vast archives without having to upload a tree if you prefer.


Family Search Partners means the site is a partner with familysearch (FS). Most use a FS login and password. A few you need to create a new username and pw. Most are simply free version but some have more complete programs that one could purchase. Most FS partner sites allow you to change the FS ID to view the site as another person (one of your children, your spouse, a friend – some who you know their FS ID).



B3. Finding Elusive Records on FS – 77% of records can’t be found by “searching”

In order to tap into these hard-to-find records, you’ll need to know how to use resources like unindexed image collections and the FamilySearch catalog, as well as some more advanced search features. A new video presentation is available from Robert Kehrer, senior product manager for FamilySearch’s search and hinting technologies. This tutorial will walk you step-by-step through the process of locating elusive records in your family history research.


Go to and watch the video by Robert Kehrer titled “FamilySearch- Finding Elusive Records Introduction” (1 min) and “Finding Elusive Records in Family Search” (56 min)


The FamilySearch Blog (Feb 27, 2018) explains these procedures in more detail.




B4. LDS Church History Library (15 E No Temple, SLC, Ut; 801-240-2272)

Video on how to use the library-

Find out details about your ancestors in their branches, wards and stakes:

Significant Documents from Black LDS History (on display)

The Historical Record

Library events and exhibits

Find your family in Church History

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database

Early Mormon Missionaries

Foundations of Faith exhibit

Patron Self-Registrations

Learn about preservation and conservation





C. Common sites used for Family History (alpha)

All are partners* with FS except Google, Mooseroots, Rootsweb (all free)


Ancestry* –- Collection of family trees and records; DNA matches; 16 billion records; Upload your tree

Login with a new username and pw. (As a Family Search partner it’s free; but also has paid membership of $180 & $300/year)


LDS free acct-


Ancestry has over 16B records which is the largest collection in the world. They have 5B public member trees which can be searched for new info on an ancestor you are researching. It is a paid site (200-300/year) but free to LDS users and can be viewed by all persons at an LDS Family History Center.

You can post your family tree for others to view and interact with.

Go to search tab, public tree, input info and look for a tree that someone has uploaded. Try variations in the name & dates for a wider search. The search results show how many sources, fotos are in that particular tree which gives credibility to that individual tree.



BillionGraves* – 12 million headstone records; free access

BillionGraves is the world′s largest resource for searchable GPS cemetery data, and is growing bigger and better every day. Over 12 million headstone records. Search the free index for family and link records to your favorite familytree resource. They’ve partnered with great companies like FamilySearch, MyHeritage and Findmypast. Whatever you find on BillionGraves is copied onto their partner sites!

Upgraded membership (10/mo or 60/yr) gives a unique GPS feature makes it possible to take a virtual walk through the world’s cemeteries and view gravesites, based on name, distance from the original site found




Find-a-grave* – 165 million burial records & 75 million fotos

Find A Grave is a website that allows the public to search and add to an online database of cemetery records. It is owned by It receives and uploads digital photographs of headstones from burial sites, taken by unpaid volunteers at cemeteries. Find A Grave then posts the photo on its website.

As of October 2017, Find A Grave contained over 165 million burial records and 75 million photos



Find-a-record* –- Identify individuals needing temple work; clean up your family tree

Login with your LDS username and pw (Family Search partner so its free)


This site identifies records on your line that need to be cleaned up or that have temple work to do. It is free and helps you clean up your FT as well as identify missing ordinances. It analyzes your individuals in FT and gives clues about:

records available for temple work;

  • too many alternate names-find a work;
  • too many alternate names-
  • find a parent-
  • find a death place-
  • missing temple ordinances



Find My Past* website – 4 billion British & Irish records; Upload your tree

The home of British & Irish family history. The website hosts over 4 billion searchable records of census, directory and historical record information although it is possible to search their indexes for free..

Cost 1 year explorer subscription US $130 (approx.). They have a Starter, Plus and Pro packages (approx. $12/$18/$22 per month)



Geneanet* – 400 million individuals in their family online trees; Upload your tree

Hundreds of thousands of digitized records and registers; hundreds of thousands of digitized books, newspapers, postcards and family pictures


It started in 1996 as a French genealogical site but quickly expanded to include individuals from all over the world. Upload your family tree and collaborate with others


Google – search for obits, birth & death, marriage, family trees, fotos, maps

1. Google maps

Search for a place (like Devon, England; Medford, Oregon) and you will find maps of your local areas. Use both the map view, the satellite view and the street view to see variations of distances and current businesses. Copy the map and put it into memories or a biography for your ancestor

2. Google images

Search for fotos of your specific ancestors (type in the name; or use quotes with the name) and upload the images to memories. Be sure to click on the image to see the source and put that in the memory description so folks know where the foto came from


3. Google instructions for genealogists:

Video (1 hr) about Maximizing the use of Google for Genealogists —


4. Google searches for obituaries

You could do a google search such as obit for Florence Wilkerson, 1946, Kansas

For example, search for –

obit for Joshua Jones, iowa;

or other variations maybe adding the year

search for birth for xxx, death for xxxx

note: if you put something in quotes, it will only return searches with that exact same order, i.e. “John Simmons” will return only those records with John and Simmons together in a doc.



Pedigree Pie* (BYU) — Shows a color-coded chart of your family origins

Login with your LDS username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


Pedigree Pie gives a 6 generation view of where you ancestors were born. There is a slider on top that goes from 1-6 generations and a percentage chart of origins. It uses your FS ID; use the slider to view 1-6 generations to see what ancestry percentages your ancestors are


Mobile Devices

a- FamilySearchFamily Tree

Pedigree photo view

Tasks (hints and temple ready)

b- FamilySearch Memories

c- Findaname*

can get an app called Family Search Family tree. You can see 6 generations of photos, stories and view secondary lines of your family tree. You can also add info on this app.



Mooseroots — Gives name origins and name meanings

Login with LDS usermane & pw. (Family Search partner so its free)


Mooseroots free and gives many name origins and explanations; as well as some birth-marriage-death-immigration records.



Mormon Overland (The) index* — Histories, fotos and stories of individuals who crossed the plains

Login with LDS usermane and pw. (Family Search partner)


The Mormon Overland Index has stories, photos, documents and relationships of individuals and companies who crossed the plans.


MyHeritage* website — Database of family trees (3B profiles) and records (9B records). Upload your tree.

Login with LDS username and pw. (Family Search partner so its free; also has paid memberships)


The easy & exciting way to explore your family history. Start discovering now! 24/7 Customer support. 2.9 billion profiles. 42 languages. Instant Discoveries™. Smart Matches™. Over 94 million users. Over 8.9 billion records. New records daily. 40 million family trees. Discover your roots today.



Puzzilla* — View your ancestor and descendant tree as a spider

Login with LDS username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free; has a fuller version that is paid)


On the top is a “How to” tab that has tutorials, videos, and research suggestions


Puzzilla is a site that views your tree as a spider. Puzzilla has a short training video that is worth watching.

You click on an ancestor (1790-1810) and make them the root person; then look at their descendants view.

Modify the search settings – a. turn off under 12, b. turn on time & put 1820-1870. Now these individuals will show up as “red”. You want a family with several children who are red, which means they had no descendants (which is unlikely that none of them had descendants). You are looking for a group of children (say 3-6) who have no descendants since it is very likely that one or several really did have families that can be added to FT

View the individual in FT and extend a line for each of the children (looking for marriage, children on a census)

It has an incredibly helpful descendants tool to search for potential families needing temple work. They have a free version (which is quite useful) and a $40/yr paid version that has several advanced identifying helps that may be worth the cost


Relative Finder* (BYU) – Discover how you are related to Prophets, Presidents, and Friends

Login with LDS username & pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


Shows you relationships with famous persons. You can select which categories to search for, and once you have found someone, you can click on details to see exactly your relationship (printable). You will be able to see the path and print it out. You can modify what groups you are looking for.



Rootsmapper* – Maps showing where ancestors came from

Login with LDS username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


Rootsmapper is a fun site to see where ancestors came from. The generations jump like frogs going back in time. Under your name in the top left is a “start” button that allows you to increase the number of generations.



Rootsweb — database of 700 million names that have been uploaded for others to view

Login with ancestry username and pw. Free site.


Rootsweb is an on-line database of 700 million names that individuals have uploaded for others to view. There is much duplication since it is not a single tree (such as FT) so you are looking for the fullest, richest databases for details. Most of the databases are downloadable (3-10 generations). Search in, click on “family tree” tab, click on advanced & put in name variations (usually less is better). When you find someone, there may also be ancestry clues that can then be found in FS & attached to the FT person

When you have found an individual, click on the individual, then on the “pedigree” view, click on display pedigree in text format. Some trees are downloadable, others not.

Treeseek* — has a 9 generation color fan chart; US census’ attached to a grandparent

Login with FS username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


Treeseek has several remarkable features such as connecting census (1790-1940), printing 9 generation pedigree charts & other variations of charts, or name clouds (for someone needing a baby name, or a family reunion or t-shirt). You can change the FamilySearch PID number to view another individual

In Treeseek, click on 9 gen color, enter the FS person’s PID — view chart; for new person, change “starting person” – enter new PID, ancestors, refresh

There are several variations of charts: 9 gen color or BW, 7 gen color or BW, 5 gen portrait/photo, 4/9 gen pedigree.

Census option shows the individual with census 1850-1940 (earlier but not very useful) that have been “sourced” or could be sourced. When the census is identified, it will be attached as a source. Census option shows the individual with census 1850-1940 (earlier but not very useful) that have been “sourced” or could be sourced. When the census is identified, it will be attached as a source



Virtual Pedigree* (BYU) — a super fast-loading family tree without having to load a new page

Login with FS usermane and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)

BYU’s Virtual Pedigree is a partner with FS that uses the database to display a super fast-loading family tree that dynamically loads your tree without having to load a new page. You can view both ancestors and descendants (click on an individual and set them as the “root person” and identify descendants who are end-of-line and may have been married and have had children (can be added to FT).

It has an ancestor view that shows numerous generations with simple and detailed box views. Take a look at the end of your line quickly.

Virtual Pedigree has a descendants view which identifies end-of-line individuals who could have been married and therefore may have had children who might need temple work

Once you are on the website, you can change the FS ID and view someone else’s tree very quickly.



Wooden Village* – Find ordinaces, hints, duplicates, relationships, tutorials

Find ordinances for relatives (8 back, 2 forward, yourself or another FS ID). Find record hints. Find ancestors with duplicates. Find Ancesrors with missing parents. Find descendants with no children. Find ancestors births-marriages. Find ancestors with multiple parents. Relationships: you to an ancestor, how 2 deceased relatives in your tree are related.





D. Games – 10 Fun Family History Games & Activities


  1. Identify family fotos – Keep the memory of your ancestors alive

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)

See if you can identify 10 of 10 ancestors photos.


2. Geneopardy – Win prizes by answering questions about your family

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


3. Scrambled Tree Game – names and faces

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


4. Match game – flip a card over to match

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


5. Fast Photo Game – Click before the time runs out

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


6. Lifes Journey Game – important events in your family

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


7. Little Family Tree for Android & IOS – games, fotos, activities for pre-schoolers

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


8. Branches game for iPad. Pick 3-6 generations & put in right spot

     Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


9. Check out a very cool calendar of your g-parents bir-marr-death dates

Login with Family Search username and pw. (Family Search partner so it’s free)


10. Look at/print a cloud of your ancestors most common names (all, male, female) – maybe relative having a baby and you want to give them name ideas

You can login with your ID or paste someone else’s. Look for chart type (on the bottom) “Name Cloud” then print it as a pdf. Email or give it to your family member. Or use the “all” ancestors (first or last name) and use it for a t-shirt for a reunion.


11. Celebrate the lives of your ancestors Calendar

Calendar of birth-marriage-death events in your family

Click on the “view relationship” of your ancestor and click on their name to go to their home page and view memories


12. Discover your relative’s WW I draft registration card

Check their contact person (mom, wife, friend); their height and weight, color of hair.


13. Discover Strength from our Grandmothers

See which of your female ancestors helped grow the RS. And your Family Tree. Also see Relief Society Fun Facts!






E. Family Search Activities


Be aware and explore the many parts of FS that are more than just FT:

The home page of FS has 5 tabs across the top:

  • Family Tree tab: Tree, Person, Find, Lists, Family Booklet
  • Search tab: Records, Family Tree, Genealogies, Catalog, Books and Wiki
  • Memories tab: Overview, Gallery, People, Find
  • Indexing tab: Overview, Web Indexing, Find a Project, Help Resources
  • Temple tab: All reserved, Not printed, Printed, Shared


If you have a question:

  • invite ward temple and family history consultant into your home
  • attend a nearby Family History Center —
  • go to and click on help (right hand corner), then “contact us,” and half way down the page is “Live Chat” – or phone the FH customer service line 866-406-1830



Find temple names – 10 ways to find family names to take to the temple


(basic searches)


1. HopeChest

  • The free version is extraordinary. Download HopeChest google chrome web extension (doesn’t work in other browsers). There are separate apps for the android or IOS mobile/ipad.
  • It will search your line and then your spouses line for ancestors. OR you would pick an ancestor and search their descendants (BTW, this is the most effective way). All the ordinances are loaded into the “hope chest.” You then need to do a duplicate check and reserve them. You want an ancestor root person 1700 or even back to 1600 (but at least 1800 or earlier) and then search their descendants.
  • Here’s how to do a search: Start with you as root in a fan chart; then do a further fan chart with the last generation. Then search their descendants by making them the root person in the landscape view; then click on the hopechest icon (top right hand corner of your screen); click “search descendants; you’ll get an “upgrade” message but just click on the bottom “just do the search;” leave them in your inbox; “start search.”
  • You can actually open several tabs and log into FS on each tab and start another hope chest search simultaneously with the 1st… so you can do several at the same time and they will all load into the “hope chest” where those needing ordinances are visible.
  • The paid version is $20 lifetime and allows you to specify which ordinances, male/female, which time periods (1700 to 1908), change labels. All future updates are free
  • Two Helpful videos:
  • If you have any questions, email them:


2. home page Recommended tasks, temple tab –

On the home page of FS, there is a box on the right, labeled “Recommended Tasks” (then click on the temple tab) with hints and temple icons (green is good to go if born before 1908/the 110 year rule; yellow means the individual needs something corrected (like add a birthdate (estimate man 25 when married, woman 21) or birthplace (“of” use the location of birth or marr of child) or take parenthesis out of someone’s name.

3. –

A site with options of temple work, duplicates, corrections, problems, is Click only the box for temple work and see what comes up or load more generations. (You might change the view to ancestors and descendants and vary the number of generations)

4. –

is a website that can search for “Find ordinances”, hints, duplicates, relationships, tutorials. It takes a while to run a search, but the results are excellent. You can search up to 8 generations back and 2 generations forward. Can download results to spreadsheet. You can use yourself as the root person or another persons FS ID.

5. FamilySearchFamilyTree App (mobile app) –

Login with FS id; on the “tasks” tab on the bottom lists people with hints and people with green temple work available

6. Take-a-Name App (mobile app)

has a list of names that will qualify for temple work. If you already have more than 100 in your temple file, then it shows their names and not new prospective temple ordinance individuals

7. FS has a descendancy view with green tree icons (familysearch.og)

for those who need temple work. First use the fanchart from your individual view, then click on someone out several generations and use the descendancy view (probably 4 generations) for the green icons. A yellow icon means the individual needs better info which you can often correct to make them ready for temple work


(more advanced searches)

8. Another FS descendancy view for extended lines (

This temple search item is used for individuals on the home page “Recommended Tasks”; click on “View My Relationship” and if your relationship goes more than 8-14 back, then click on the 6th or 7th generation person or the 9-10th (make them the home person) and get the 4 generation descendancy view and look for green temple icons (needs temple work)

9. Another FS descendancy view using BYU’s virtual tree (search manually)

Login using your FS ID. Go out to an ancestor born 1750-1800. Make them the root person. Drag the screen to the right to see the descendants. Look at the descendants (up and down) for Green temple icons (esp BCIE), click on the person, view them in FS, do a dup search, reserve the name. Go back to the virtual tree tab and continue. The “Low Hanging Fruit” refers to hints (not temple ordinances available) for a given person.

10. –

A spider like website is which views your ancestors like a spider. You can then click on one of them as a new root person and look at descendants. Larger groups without descendants are likely candidates for undiscovered children. Go back xx generations to find someone born 1800 or earlier. Make them the root person. Look at 4 gen of descendants. Change target to born 1820-1890 (looking for them on a census) and unclick yellow (died young). Then look for red groups without descendants. Look up in census/ancestry/FS

Temple Work Permission Rule for those born within 110 years

For Temple work you want descendants who were born before 1908 so you don’t have to get permission for 110 year permissions rule (all born within 110 years, even if deceased, need permission to do temple work


Permission hierarchy

The permission rule is:

-you need permission if born within 110 years. ,

-verbal is ok, ONE person in hierarchy chain:

-hierarchy of permission 1- undivorced spouse of the individual; 2- children; 3- parents; 4- siblings



Indexing, a labor of love


Youth and adults:

get started —


1. Indexing on the Web (computer or tablet; not available on mobile)


Log into

Click on the indexing tab in FS (on the top)

Click on Web indexing (dropdown)

check level “beginner”, language “English”

Get a batch (BTW, you can stop midway and restart later; or return the batch/too hard)

Read the specific instructions for that set of records; click on ? for various fields


(General Indexer instructions)

  • getting started,
  • help articles,
  • language & handwriting helps,
  • guided tour,
  • basic indexing guidelines,
  • FAQs





  1. These aren’t names, they’re people

These indexed records go into the pool of family searched indexed records which now number approx. 1.5 billion records. These are the records where “hints” come from (item 4 above)


– You can volunteer for indexing. The records are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced for any language of your choosing. If a record is too hard, you can return it anytime and get another one that you are more comfortable with. In the last month members and non-members combined for a massive indexing weekend and indexed over 10 million records in a 3 day time period.


FamilySearch indexing is a project to make digitized photographed records searchable

  • original records are scanned/digitized and saved on microfilm/new files (70B)
  • indexed to make searchable (1.3B)
  • total FS records (indexed and pedigrees) searchable 4B






F. Research Helps

1. Sites for Research help/instructions

Rootsweb’s free site has 700M names ( has billions of records but especially good are the public member trees. Every LDS member can have a free ancestry worldwide account (worth $300/year)

Familysearch’s “familysearch” button (under “search records”) goes to 1.5B indexed records is a good place to search for obituaries, marriages, etc (i.e., obit for James Calhoon, Utah, 1898)

General Research Guides for various states, provinces and many countries (Known as Research Outlines) url —

Family Search’s wiki which outlines numerous resources for numerous countries throughout the world. Browse by country: These country information pages include a list of genealogical websites available for that specific country/state/province

Both findmypast and my heritage (FS individual page, “search records” have US and British records.


2. Research Outlines

Research Outlines (by country, states, providences).

These outlines are 20-40 pages in length and give extensive details about records available for a particular area, where to start searching, and what to do next

These are being rewritten and updated in Family Search Wiki (same url)

3. General Research Guides

General Research Guides for various states, provinces and many countries (Known as Research Outlines)

Family Search’s wiki which outlines numerous resources for numerous countries throughout the world

These country information pages include a list of genealogical websites available for that specific country/state/province

Research Help —


  1. Ward and Stake — Ward temple and family history consultants can go to your home; Salt Lake Granger North Stake Family History Center/old Seminary Bldg by Jr HS (check wiki for hours)
  2. has billions of records but especially good are the public member trees. Every LDS member can have a free ancestry worldwide account (worth $300/year)
  3. Familysearch’s home page “green familysearch” button; click on search tab to go “search records” to 1.5B indexed records or click on map for specific location (then “show all” and notice at the bottom are “image only” records digitized (photographed) but not indexed (not searchable). Some records have an “index” at the end to help
  4. General Research Guides for various states, provinces and many countries (Known as Research Outlines) url –
  5. Family Search’s wiki which outlines numerous resources for numerous countries throughout the world. Browse by country: These country information pages include a list of genealogical websites available for that specific country/state/province
  6. Both findmypast and my heritage (FS individual page, “search records”) have US and British records.
  7. Rootsweb’s free site has 700M names (
  8. is a good place to search for obituaries, marriages, histories, photos, etc (i.e., obit for James Calhoon, Utah, 1898)
  9. Family Search partners with free access for LDS members






G. Fun things to do for your Family Home Evening family history night

FHE lessons

  1. Six lessons/activities/coloring books, etc —
  2. New FS partners — You can discover fun and useful partners of FS in the FamilySearch App Gallery (150 and adding new all the time)
  3. FS has a site where you can Discover your ancestors in a whole new way

The have Compare-a-Face; Ancestor Challenge; Missionaries; Grandmothers in RS


(15 family activities)


  1. Printable Pedigree charts (5, 7, 9 generation) to give your children or email to family and friends. The 5 generation pedigree chart is the fan chat view in family search. The 7 generation pedigree chart is the print view of the same fan chart. The 9 generation pedigree chart is at (FS partner)
  2. Fast loading pedigree chart — BYU’s virtual pedigree – is a fast loading pedigree chart that can go on and on.

  1. Related to famous people — BYU’s relative finder — shows you relationships with famous persons. You can select which categories to search for, and once you have found someone, you can click on details to see exactly your relationship (printable). Can set up ward site or special group site.
  2. Map of ancestors — A fun site to see where ancestors came from is (FS partner). The generations jump like frogs going back in time.
  3. Name origins and explanations can be found at (FS partner), as well as some birth-marriage-death-immigration records
  4. Pedigee Pie Chart — BYU’s Pedigree Pie — gives a 6 generation view of where you ancestors were born. There is a slider on top that goes from 1-6 generations and a percentage chart of origins
  5. The Mormon Overland index has stories, photos and relationships of individuals and companies who crossed the plans. url is
  6. Early Missionaries in your family tree (1830-1930). My wife who is a first generation member has more early missionaries than I do with pioneer ancestry on all of my family lines (wow!)

  1. Memories — Read or add memories (stories, photos, documents) thru the FS Memories tab. Once the memory is in your box, you then identify who/what it is and attach it to someone in the familytree databse (easiest is to use that person’s FS ID #).
  2. Compare a face — What ancestor do you look like? Ever wonder where you get your good looks? Compare-a-face will tell you which ancestor looks like you. -See who has the coolest hat, or the “family smile.”
  3. Print a cloud of your ancestors most common names (all, male, female) – maybe relative having a baby and you want to give them name ideas

You can login with your FS 7 diget ID or paste someone else’s. Look for chart type (on the bottom) “Name Cloud” then print it as a pdf. Email or give it to your family member. Or use the “all” ancestors (first or last name) and use it for a t-shirt for a reunion or for a poster.

  1. (mobile) Family Search Family Tree App — Your Mobile Device can get an app called Family Search Family tree.

-You can see 6 generations of photos, stories and view secondary lines of your family tree.

-You can also add info on this app and find temple names (click on “tasks” & look for the green temple icon)

-Click on “more” for “map my ancestors” (use on a road trip) or “Relatives around me”

  1. (mobile) Family Search Memories App – add memories or view existing ones (photos, documents, histories, audio files)
  2. (mobile) TakeaName App – view candidates that you can reserve for temple work

15. Browse the Joseph Smith Papers to see if you have ancestors mentioned.

Meet your relative from the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith

16. Celebrate the lives of your ancestors Calendar

Calendar of birth-marriage-death events in your family

Click on the “view relationship” of your ancestor and click on their name to go to their home page and view memories. You can get reminders on Facebook messenger (May 10th was your 3rd great grandfather, Samuel Winterbottom, birthday! He would have been 227 years old)






H. Family History Center Portal

Each Family History Center has access to a number of sites that are extremely helpful. An individual LDS member can get free access to several of these sites on their individual computer, but most can be accessed only at the Center. A non-member can only access them at a family history center.



(Genealaogical Resources)

-Premium Family History websites — Center Access Only: Free patron access to premium subscription websites.

-The Family History Guide — A free, comprehensive learning and resource center about family history and FamilySearch.

-My Family Booklet — Capture and preserve your family story.


(Classes & Workshops)

FamilySearch Blog — FamilySearch news and helpful tips.

Family History Callings For Center Staff: A collection of online resources to help you fulfill your calling.


(One-on-one Assistance)


-FamilySearch Research Wiki — Free family history research advice for the community, by the community.

-FamilySearch Help Center — FamilySearch Knowledge Center.


Premium Family History Websites:

1. 19th Century British Library Newspaper Digital Archive – 70 UK & Irish papers with 3 million pages searchable

This site is managed by Gale Cengage, contains 70 UK & Irish national and local titles with over three million pages of searchable digitized content. This full-text, fully searchable digital archive currently includes papers originating in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, carefully selected by an editorial board from the British Library and providing a broad yet detailed view of British life in the 19th century.


  1. Alexander Street Press- -The American Civil War – Research Database, Letters & Diaries, Images, Photographs, Poster, Ephemera (


  • Letters and Diaries – Scholars can read close to 200 intimate letters written by Amos Wood that illustrate what life was like for a Massachusetts family separated by the war. The letters and diaries give both the Northern and the Southern perspectives, along with that of foreign observers. For the first time, users can see and compare the writings of politicians, generals, slaves, landowners, seamen and spies. Search by authors, source works, months, places, battles, key personal events, daily events, gender, age, allegiance, residence, race, religion, occupation, schools attended, educational level, military rank and status, marital and parental status, age of death, cause of death and more.
  • Database- The American Civil War Research Database™ is the definitive online resource for researching the individuals, regiments, and battles of the American Civil War, with indexed, searchable information on 4.3 million soldiers and thousands of battles, together with 16,000 photographs.


3. American Ancestors – New England Historic Genealogical Society – 400 million searchable names; 1.4 billion records

The American Ancestors website has over 400 million searchable names covering New England, New York, Canada, and more. It’s searches include database, category and journal searches.

America’s founding genealogical organization and the most respected name in family history. Extensive Mayflower descendants. Established in 1845, NEHGS is the nation’s leading comprehensive resource for family history research and the largest Society of its kind in the world.

It provides access to more than 1.4 billion records spanning twenty-two countries covering the United States, the British Isles, continental Europe, and beyond, including one of the most extensive online collections of early American genealogical records, the largest searchable collection of published genealogical research journals and magazines, and the largest collection of U.S Catholic records online.


4. Ancestry – 16 billion records. Institute versions: US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom (

Ancestry has over 16B records which is the largest collection in the world. They have 5B public member trees which can be searched for new info on an ancestor you are researching. It started in Orem and has expanded throughout the world. An individual could upload their database to access the “hints” of records available on a given ancestor


5. ArkivDigital – Swedish Genealogy access to about 77 million images of church records and other historical records. (

It is a database of Swedish church records and other historical records. There is no index, you have to know what time frame to go to… however MyHeritage is indexing some of the ArkivDigital records.


  1. FamNet – New Zealand (Kiwis) database of 15 million records. (

They have pedigree charts that have been uploaded to its website. FamNet now has 15,470,457  GDB (Genealogical Data Base) Records. It allows you to link your family records to articles and pictures in Papers Past, Auckland Libraries, and over 100 other New Zealand Sites.


  1. Findmypast – started in the UK, 4 billion British & Irish records

The home of British & Irish family history. The website hosts over 4 billion searchable records of census, directory and historical record information although it is possible to search their indexes for free.


8. Fold3 – 118 million records in Military Records (

Fold3 features premier collections of original military records. These records (118,728,733) include the stories, photos, and personal documents of the men and women who served in the military. Many of records come the U.S. National Archives, The National Archives of U.K. and many others.


9. Geaneanet- started in France, principally in Europe. Trees of 400 million. Post your own tree.

Family Trees of 400 million individuals in their Online Family Trees. Hundreds of thousands free digitized archival records and hundreds of mostly free digitized registers are available.

1.3 million graves; 57,000 pictures; 275,000 postcards; 10 million archival records; 56 million indexed individuals


10. Kinpoint (premium) – shows problems in family tree, record matches, possible temple names

Kinpoint shows you data problems in your family tree and record matches for information you are missing. It was formed in early 2013 based on a project at Brigham Young University called The 20 Minute Genealogist. They make it easy to do Family History, even if you just have a few minutes.

They developed the free Take a Name mobile app to discover LDS ordinances that might be temple ready.

The premium subscription of Kinpoint costs $5/mo. Basic has Missing birth, marriage and death information; Ordinances that are ready or need more information For LDS members. The Premium subscription has a Timeline, duplicate and cleanup problems and record matches for information you are missing


11. MyHeritage – started in telaviv, now worldwide. 3B family trees & 9B records. Post your own tree

Database of family trees (3B profiles) and records (9B records). Post your own tree

The easy & exciting way to explore your family history. Start discovering now! 24/7 Customer support. 2.9 billion profiles. 42 languages. Instant Discoveries™. Smart Matches™. Over 94 million users. Over 8.9 billion records. New records daily. 40 million family trees. Discover your roots today.


12. Newspaper Archive – 2.3 billion US newspaper articles

The articles contain birth, marriage, death, obituary, work and family activities. U.S. historic newspaper archives from 1736-2018 in 2.28 billion old newspaper articles about more than 5.6 billion people!


13. Paper trail – US American pioneer wagon train diaries; 3500 orig docs; 74,000 searchable names is a collection by OCTA (Oregon-California Trails Association) f the exciting story of the 19th Century westward American migration based on a searchable index of these remarkable journeys, with names, places and a survey of the text.

From over 3500 original documents Paper Trail organizes information into an easy to search database, featuring over 74000 searchable names. Reports include dates, routes, … One of its many features is a full listing of original diaries and journals that can be read online, printed or downloaded.

The preliminary searches are free, but a subscription is required to access reports and surveys.


14. Puzzilla (premium) —

Puzzilla is a site that views your tree as a spider. Puzzilla has a short training video that is worth watching.

You click on an ancestor (1800-1830) and make them the root person; then look at their descendants view.

Modify the search settings –

  1. turn off under 12,
  2. turn on time & put 1820-1870.

Now these individuals will show up as “red”. You want a family with several children who are red, which means they had no descendants (which is unlikely that none of them had descendants). You are looking for a group of children (say 3-6) who have no descendants since it is very likely that one or several really did have families that can be added to FT

View the individual in FT and extend a line for each of the children (looking for marriage, children on a census)

It has an incredibly helpful descendants tool to search for potential families needing temple work. They have a free version (which is quite useful) and a $40/yr paid version that has several advanced identifying helps that may be worth the cost.

Premium services ($40/year) include:

  1. Hints with clickable title links. A hint is a historical record with significant possibility of matching the selected person.
  2. Sources with titles and some with clickable links. A source is an attached historical record containing the selected person, in the opinion of the submitter
  3. Changes made by the user, either by adding or changing the record in FamilyTree
  4. Possible duplicates. A possible duplicate is another person whose identity is similar to the selected person and may be the same person.
  5. Available Ordinances. Accessible by LDS user accounts.
  6. Search the chart for records containing (1) a name, place, or ID number and/or (2) a birth within a specified time period.






I. Post your own family tree gedcom database to:

To Others web sites

Ancestry, Findmypast, MyHeritage, Geneanet



To your own personal computer

Some want to have a unique genealogical DB on their own home computer that can sync with FamilyTree. Each of these programs have a free edition as well as paid versions. The free versions will all sync with data and temple info with FamilySearch and allow their data to be uploaded and FS data to be downloaded. The data can be exported and other data imported.

  1. Ancestral Quest Basic Family Tree software. (it mirrows the old PAF program) – Version 15

  1. Legacy Family Tree Standard software.
  2. RootsMagic Essentials 7.


Note: I have all of these programs on my computer. The one I found the best for syncing with FT was RootsMagic. I no longer sync my computer with FSFT nor update my data as I find new info. I post the new info to FSFT and leave my old database on my computer uncorrected.





J. Temple and Family History Quotes


Anderson, Neil L (Apostle)- Youth Temple Challenge to perform baptisms in the temple

I want to challenge each of you to set a personal goal to help prepare as many names for the temple as baptisms you perform in the temple. Again, my challenge for you is to prepare as many names for the temple as you perform baptisms in the temple.

Ref: Devotional talk “Find Our Cousins” at RootsTech Family History Conference, Feb 8, 2014)

Note: Using the online search term #TempleChallenge, anyone can follow the faithful young men and young women who accepted the invitation as they share their experiences.



Bednar, David A (Apostle) – Temple and family history can help an investigator, less-active member, active member understand the plan of salvation

Missionary work and family history and temple work are complementary and interrelated aspects of one great work… offering the ordinances of salvation to individuals in mortality not yet under covenant are the fundamental objectives of preaching the gospel. . . . Can we begin to understand the role of temple and family history work in helping an investigator or a less-active member obtain a deeper understanding of the plan of salvation?

(Ref: Missionary, Family History, and Temple work; October 2014 address given to new mission presidents on June 25, 2013)



Bednar, David A (Apostle) – Don’t overprogram the youth, let them explore; youth prepared for this day to assist in this glorious work; protected & safeguarded

We are the Lord’s agents. . . This is our duty and great blessing . . .Parents and leaders, please help your children and youth to learn about and experience the Spirit of Elijah. But do not overly program this endeavor or provide too much detailed information or training. Invite young people to explore, to experiment, and to learn for themselves . . . Your fingers have been trained to text and tweet to accelerate and advance the work of the Lord—not just to communicate quickly with your friends.

. . . My beloved young brothers and sisters, family history is not simply an interesting program or activity sponsored by the Church; rather, it is a vital part of the work of salvation and exaltation. You have been prepared for this day and to build up the kingdom of God. You are here upon the earth now to assist in this glorious work.

I promise you will be protected against the intensifying influence of the adversary. As you participate in and love this holy work, you will be safeguarded in your youth and throughout your lives.

(Ref: The Hearts of the Children Shall turn, October 2011 General Conference)



Eyring, Henry B (First Presidency) – Saviors love to those who offer eternal life to their ancestors

Think of the Savior when you meet Him. . . . He has trusted you by letting you hear the gospel in your lifetime, giving you the chance to accept the obligation to offer it to those of your ancestors who did not have your priceless opportunity. Think of the gratitude He has for those who pay the price in work and faith to find the names of their ancestors and who love them and Him enough to offer them eternal life in families, the greatest of all the gifts of God. He offered them an infinite sacrifice. He will love and appreciate those who paid whatever price they could to allow their ancestors to choose His offer of eternal life.

(Ref: Hearts Bound Together, Apr 2005 General Conference)



Nelson, Russell M (Apostle) – It blesses the lives of the living and has a refining influence

When our hearts turn to our ancestors, something changes inside us. We feel part of something greater than ourselves. Our inborn yearnings for family connections are fulfilled when we are linked to our ancestors through sacred ordinances of the temple. . . . While temple and family history work has the power to bless those beyond the veil, it has an equal power to bless the living. It has a refining influence on those who are engaged in it. They are literally helping to exalt their families

(Ref: Generations Linked in Love, Apr 2010 General Conference)



Nelson, Russell M (President of Church) – Come unto Christ on both sides of the veil

Our message to the world is simple and sincere: we invite all of God’s children on both sides of the veil to come unto their Savior, receive the blessings of the holy temple, have enduring joy, and qualify for eternal life.

(Ref: Let Us All Press On, April 2018 General Conference)



Oaks, Dallin H (First Presidency) – we gather our ancestors into our hearts and connect them together

As we unite in this sacred work, we discover the existence and great qualities of those who have gone before, we gather them into our hearts and the binding links of our family organizations, and we connect them into eternal families through the ordinances of the temple

(Ref: Family Discovery Day, March 3, 2018)



Packer, Boyd K (Pres Qm of the 12 Apostles) – Our interest turns our hearts to our fathers, treasures in heaven

Family history work in one sense would justify itself even if one were not successful in clearing names for temple work. The process of searching, the means of going after those names, would be worth all the effort you could invest. The reason: You cannot find names without knowing that they represent people. You begin to find out things about people. When we research our own lines we become interested in more than just names or the number of names going through the temple. Our interest turns our hearts to our fathers—we seek to find them and to know them and to serve them. In doing so we store up treasures in heaven.

(Ref: The Redemption of the Dead and the Testimony of Jesus, Oct 2000 General Conference)



Renlund, Dale G (Apostle) – find names and take them to the temple; protection and personal power

. . . Brothers and sisters, I promise you protection for you and your family as you take this challenge to find as many names to take to the temple as ordinances you perform in the temple and teach others to do the same. . . Not just baptisms, but all temple ordinances. . . . You’ll find not only protection from the temptations and ills of this world, but you’ll also find personal power: power to change, power to repent, power to learn, power to be sanctified,

and power to turn the hearts of your family together and heal that which needs healing.

(Ref: Real Power in Combining Family History with Temple; RootsTech 2016, Feb 6, 2016)



Scott, Richard G (Apostle) – Will have feelings from the Holy Ghost to guide you

I would like to also invoke a blessing that as you prayerfully ask for guidance in this sublime and important work, that you will have feelings from the Holy Ghost that will guide you.

(Ref: Elder Richard G Scott; question-and-answer session at the 2011 RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City on February 12, 2011)



Scott, Richard G (Apostle) – spirits rejoicing because now they are free

I close my eyes, and more than once, in my mind, I have seen an inverted cone of individuals beginning at the temple and rising upward. I have felt that they represent many spirits waiting for the vicarious work to be done for them in that sanctuary, rejoicing because finally there is a place that can free them from the chains that hold them back in their eternal progress. In order to achieve this end, you will need to do the vicarious work

(Ref: Temple Worship: The Source of Strength and Power in Times of Need, April 2009 General Conference)



Smith, Joseph Jr (Pres of Chur) – Greatest responsibility is to seek after our dead

The greatest responsibility in this world that God has laid upon us is to seek after our dead. … For it is necessary that the sealing power should be in our hands to seal our children and our dead for the fulness of the dispensation of times—a dispensation to meet the promises made by Jesus Christ before the foundation of the world for the salvation of man. … Hence, God said, ‘I will send you Elijah the prophet’ . . . But how are they to become saviors on Mount Zion? By building their temples … and going forth and receiving all the ordinances … in behalf of all their progenitors who are dead … ; and herein is the chain that binds the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers, which fulfills the mission of Elijah

(Ref: Teachings: Joseph Smith, 472-3,475)





K. DNA research (both 2017 & 2018 rootstech online)

  1. 2018 –
  2. 2018 –
  3. ancestry & myheritage tutorials
  4. Louisa Louise Cook… free monthly hints – also has webinars






L. Temple and Family History Consultant

Discover –> Gather à Connect

Pray before proceeding


Learn about My calling (


  1. Learn from Prophets and Apostles (3 videos)
  2. Learn from a helper (Contact Stake Helper)
  3. Learn how to help others; Key Principles (4 videos)
  • Pray to be Led by the Holy Ghost
  • Preparing a Personalized Plan
  • The Power to Heal
  • One Great Work of Salvation


Temple and Family History Consultants (

Begin your calling (refers back to Learn about My calling- above)


Free screen sharing site for consultations out of the area


Will need to download the program and initiate a call. Once you have it opened, you invite the other person by email. They join the call. You can use Voice over to hear on the computer and you can give screen sharing to the other person so you can watch and talk as they go about.

I tried but you can only share the presenter if you pay for the pro version (20/mo)



Potential Consultant Lessons:

1. Hints which lead to better data, adding spouse & parents, temple work

Lesson 1 – What hints do (2B in FS linked to 1.5B in FT)- better data, add people, reserve temple names; initial view of descendancy view; add partners:, findmypast, MyHeritage; ), sprinkler hints (4 gen of descendancy view), options (inverted, unclick suggested). Keep notepad for questions/follow up/too hard

Lesson 2 – split screen, configure FS base person (tools & family members on top); 110 year rule; yellow temple icon (needs more data)/some too complex-just skip them; always duplicate search (possible duplicates) before reserving name

Lesson 3 – improve data; but don’t get bogged down in variations; merging

Lesson 4 – how to find a spouse and spouse’s parents: marriage record, findagrave, ancestry public member trees, ancestry bir-marr-dea with exact birth-death dates

Lesson 5 – expanded hints (thru recommended tasks); view my relationship (for 7-14 generation individual/pick 8 or 10 or 12 for 4 gen descendancy view & temple icons






M. Write/record recollections, bio, auto, or edit & expand existing ones

Write a couple of paragraphs about recollections of you mother, father, g-parents, special friends.


In case you need some hints, here’s a list of things to get your recollections thinking:


  • How did they interact with you as an individual
  • Attributes and personality
  • Looks, clothes
  • Traits (annoying, pleasant)
  • Anything you heard about their childhood
  • Houses, yard, cars, toys
  • Siblings
  • Vacations to their home, trips
  • Reunions
  • Personality
  • Sports, music, drama
  • TV
  • Work
  • Treated spouse, people around them
  • Church and its influence on them
  • Family traditions
  • Tragedies in their life
  • Words of wisdom, favorite sayings
  • Favorite jokes, pranks, stories
  • Memorabilia
  • How would you describe them to your g-children?



Write an auto-biography, a biography of someone (sketch of your/their life)


Here are some items to consider:


CHAPTER 1: In the Beginning

  1. What were your parents and grandparents full names, dates of birth, places of birth.
  2. What were the occupations of your parents?
  3. How many children were in your family? Where were you in the lineup?
  4. Generally speaking, what was your childhood like?
  5. What one or two stories do you remember most clearly about your childhood?
  6. Are there any particularly happy, funny, sad or instructive lessons you learned while growing up?


CHAPTER 2: In Your Neighborhood

  1. What was it like where you grew up?
  2. Describe your most important friendships
  3. Where and how did “news of your neighborhood” usually flow?


CHAPTER 3 School Days

  1. Be sure to capture names and dates attended of grammar, high, colleges, trade or technical schools
  2. What are your earliest school day memories?
  3. Are there any teachers or subjects you particularly liked or disliked?
  4. What did you learn in those first years of school that you would like to pass along to the next generation?
  5. Were you involved in sports, music, drama, or other extra-curricular activities?


CHAPTER 4: Off to Work

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  2. What was your first job, and how did you get it?
  3. What was your first boss like? What did you learn from him or her?
  4. Did you leave? Quit? Get promoted? Get fired?
  5. Were you ever out of work for a long time? If so, how did you handle it?


CHAPTER 5 Romance & Marriage

  1. What do you recall about your first date?
  2. How did you know you were really in love?
  3. Tell me how you “popped the question,” or how it was popped to you.
  4. Tell me about your wedding ceremony. What year? Where? How many attended? Honeymoon?
  5. Tell me about starting your family.
  6. Were you married more than once? How often?

CHAPTER 6: Leisure and Travel

  1. What were the most memorable family vacations or trips you can recall?
  2. What leisure time activities are you involved with?
  3. What are your greatest accomplishments in this field?


CHAPTER 7: Places of Worship

  1. Do you follow any religious tradition?
  2. If so which one, and what is it like?
  3. Have you ever changed faiths?
  4. What role do your beliefs play in your life today?
  5. What would you tell your children about your faith?


CHAPTER 8 War & Peace

  1. Were you a volunteer, drafted or a conscientious objector?
  2. If you didn’t serve, what do you recall about being on the home front during the war?
  3. What key moments do you recall about your service?
  4. What would you tell today’s young soldiers, sailors and fliers?


CHAPTER 9 Triumph and Tragedy

  1. What were the most joyous, fulfilling times of your life?
  2. Any sad, tragic or difficult times you’d care to share such as losing a loved one, a job, or something you cared about?
  3. What lifelong lessons did you learn from these tough times? Joyous times?
  4. Were there any moments you recall as true breakthroughs in any area of your life?
  5. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would that be?


CHAPTER 10 Words of Wisdom

  1. What have you learned over your lifetime that you’d like to share with the younger generation?
  2. People will sometimes repeat aphorisms such as “honesty is the best policy.” If they do, be sure to ask how they learned that life lesson.


CHAPTER 11: Funnybones

  1. What were your family’s favorite jokes or pranks?
  2. Who is, or was, the family comedian? “Straight” man?
  3. What’s the funniest family story you remember?


CHAPTER 12 Thank You

  1. What are you most grateful for you your life?
  2. How have you taught your children to be grateful?
  3. Are there items or places that mark special gratitude for the ones you love? What are they? What are their stories?





N. What can I do for 15 minutes?

Boom, you’re in; boom, you’re out.

You only have 15 minutes. What can you do in 15 min a day/week/month?


1. Resolve hints on your computer, tablet or mobile device

In your FS descendancy tree (this will improve the data, add spouses & their families, reserve temple ordinances)

2. Index on your computer or tablet

Set to your skill level; makes records searchable for everyone

3. Clear temple names on your computer, tablet or mobile device

See the section above on 8 ways to find temple names


4. Sync a few records from FT to Ancestry/MyHeritage/Geneanet/FindMyPast

Many people will be avid users of web sites other than FS, so this will allow your influence and accuracy to become available in those other databases.


5. Use google searches to look for a photo, obituary, newspaper article on your ancestor and add it to memories in FS

See the section above on google searching.


6. Play a FS game or activity (matching, remembering, pointing)

See the sections above on FS games; FS activities; and FS Family Home Evening activities


7. Go to FamilySearch Discovery to see your ancestors in a whole new way





O. Country/State Basic Research Procedures


(Unique for a given state in the US)



Utah Digital Newspapers – more than 150 local Utah newspapers

1850-1916; 22M images



(Unique to a specific country)


google translate


Research Outlines

Research Outlines (by country, states, providences).

These outlines are 20-40 pages in length and give extensive details about records available for a particular area, where to start searching, and what to do next

These are being rewritten and updated in Family Search Wiki (same url)

General Research Guides

General Research Guides for various states, provinces and many countries (Known as Research Outlines)

Family Search’s wiki which outlines numerous resources for numerous countries throughout the world

These country information pages include a list of genealogical websites available for that specific country/state/province



Specific Countries:

China Research


Explore research in China


Chinese Genealogical Key words List from the wiki




English Chinese Pinyin
Age 歲, 年齡 suì, nián líng
Ancestor 祖先 zǔ xiān
Baptism 受洗, 洗禮 shòu xǐ, xǐ lǐ
Birth 生, 出生 shēng, chū shēng
Branch genealogy record 支譜 zhī pǔ
Child 孩子 hái zi
Clan genealogy 族譜 zú pǔ
Daughter 女兒 nǚ ér
Death 死, 去世, 逝世 sǐ, qù shì, shì shì
Family genealogy 家譜 jiā pǔ
Family, clan shì
Family, home jiā
Father 父, 父親 fù, fù qīn
Female 女, 女生 nǚ, nǚ shēng
First 初, 第一 chū, dì yī
General genealogy record 宗譜 zōng pǔ
Household register 戶籍登記 hù jí dēng jì
Husband 丈夫, 先生 zhàng fū, xiān shēng
Index, table of contents 目錄 mù lù
Lineage branch or segment 堂號, 派 táng hào, pài
Male 男, 男生 nán, nán shēng
Marriage 婚姻 hūn yīn
Marry (v) 結婚, 娶, 配 jié hūn, qǔ, pèi
Month yuè
Mother 母, 母親 mǔ, mǔ qīn
Person rén
Personal history 自傳 zì zhuàn
Registered address 登記地址 dēng jì dì zhǐ
Son 子, 兒子 zǐ, érzi
Surname 姓, 氏 xìng, shì
Wife 太太, 老婆 tài tài, lǎo pó
Wife (first wife) 元配 (第一個太太) yuán pèi (dì yī ge tài tài)
Year nián




Mexico Research

Explore research in Mexico



Spanish Key Words (from the wiki)




archive archivo
baptism bautismo, bauticé, bautizado (a), bautismo, crisma
birth nacimiento, nació, nacido (a)
burial entierro, sepultura, entierrado (a), sepultado (a)
Catholic church Iglesia Católica
census censo, padrón
child niño (a), hijo (a), párvulo (a), expósito
christening See baptism
church records registros parroquiales
civil registry Registro Civil
confirmation confirmación, crisma
day día
death muerte, defunción, fallecimiento, óbito, muerto(a), difunto(a), fallecido(a)
father padre
husband esposo, marido, cónyuge
index índice
marriage matrimonio, casamiento, casé, casado (a)
military militar, ejército
month mes
morning mañana
mother madre
name, given nombre de pila, nombre de bautismo
name, surname nombre, apellido
parents padres
parish parroquia
wife esposa, marida, mujer, cónyuge
year año




Samoa Research



Explore research in Samoa (and Tonga & Fiji)


Samoa government page


Familysearch Samoa Wiki page


Samoa- BYU research paper, page 7




Samoan Key Words





Tonga Research


Explore research in tonga (and Samoa & Fiji)


Tonga government page


Tonga FamilySearch wiki page




Tongan Key Words






P. Misc ideas and problem-solving

Resolving some difficult FS problems

You can use as a testing place that will not affect the main site.

Practice merging, un-merging, changing dates & places

However, remember that none of the data/changes/additions/deletions on this beta site flows through to the FS main site.

1. Ordinances not available

For example if you have a person who the ordinances are not available, it may be due to a change of sex, too many merges, or the person lived before 1500.


If a change of sex, the ordinances must be redone (and must be submitted to FS who will ask your relationship and notify you when you can do the ordinances).


  1. Look in for the list of “latest changes” for a change of sex or merges (where someone else did the change of sex). Rather than restore them in and then have to merge then again, you can look at that person in and restore the old merge to look for a change of sex which is the most likely reason the person’s ordinances are not available. Take a screen shot of it when submitting the request to FS to make the change to allow you to reserve the ordinances.


2. Why do I spend most of my time on FSFT solving “hints”?

Three years ago I stopped updating/syncing my data on my computer with FT because of the time it was taking to do it. Nor do I update my “old” tree on my computer with new info.

I felt my time was better used in working solely on my FSFT (which others collaborate on) to make the data more correct, with more sources, with memories (fotos, histories, memorabilia, obituaries, documents). I do this by resolving “hints” on FSFT and adding data/memories/children/spouses as I find them.

I receive a weekly report of changes in my family tree (Mark “Watch” on the individual’s Home page) where I watch all of my g-parents (653 people I’m watching-see “list”). In a typical report there are 20 people who have changes and 130 actual changes made. I find it wonderful that 20 people are improving the records while I am “sleeping” – the concept of collaboration on a family tree is extremely time efficient and productive. I can always see the change and contact the person who did it, but in 3 years, I have only found the need to question a change a couple of times.

The key to correct info is the number of sources (hints) listed for an individual (as well as the credibility of each source). Say you have 9 sources that spell a name as Hyrum and one that spells it Hurum… that gives you statistical support for using Hyrum.



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    In its place is a 24-year-old from Northern Ireland who has reason to feel much older. He hasn’t won a tournament, and only once did he even come close. He has finished over par in all three majors, with only two rounds at the British Open. He has failed to make the cut five times this year, which includes walking off the course in the Honda Classic with sore wisdom teeth that still haven’t been removed.

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    The exit polls gave the CDU/CSU 42.4 per cent of the vote, an impressive gain from the 33.8 per cent the conservatives scored in the 2009 election, when Ms. Merkel was forced into a coalition with the small, pro-business liberal party, the Free Democratic Party (FDP). The FDP got wiped out on Sunday, meaning her CDU/CSU could rule with an absolute majority or, failing that, within a coalition with the Social Democrats.

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    It sure didn’t sound as if Carter informed A-Rod of his intent to spill the beans before (or during) his ESPN Radio appearance. And considering the magnitude of what A-Rod is dealing with now, it’s unlikely he was listening to “Mike and Mike” when Carter offered up his soliloquy.

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    And the manager has a willing ally in the pitcher. “I’ve been in situations like this before,” Rivera said. “This doesn’t change anything, pitching next year or whatever. I just have to do whatever it takes to win.”

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    Opponents have donated $17 million to defeat the referendum,which if passed would require special labels on raw andprocessed food made from genetically modified crops. It is thelargest amount ever raised against a ballot initiative in thestate.

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    Shares of the Polish oil and gas producer continued to fallfor the second consecutive day after brokerage MLV & Co cut itsrating to “hold” from “buy” on Thursday, citing that thecompany’s drilling activities did not yield the desired results.

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    “Nintendo Handheld Gaming” is the name replacement for the 3DS Facebook page, and “Nintendo Console Gaming” is the name replacement for the Wii U Facebook page. Nintendo are yet to confirm or deny the rumour but various “fans” of the 3DS and Wii U Facebook pages have been receiving notifications of the change.

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    “We are thrilled to welcome this iconic brand and globalnews property into our portfolio. We believe in the Newsweekbrand and look forward to growing it, fully transformed to thedigital age,” IBT Media Chief Executive Etienne Uzac said in thestatement.

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    In Idaho, fire crews prepared to capitalize on favorable winds and lower temperatures to continue burnout operations around the small mountain community of Pine, where the Elk Complex remained the nation’s No. 1 firefighting priority.

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    The Pounceys have been linked to Hernandez’s off-field activities as police continue to probe Hernandez’s past for clues relating to current murder charges he faces. In 2007, the Gainesville (Fla.) Police Department mentioned the Pounceys in a report after investigating a double shooting. Police wanted to speak with Hernandez about the shooting but he invoked his right to have an attorney present. No charges were ever filed.

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    The centre will feature a replica of the Hampden Park pitch and other outdoor football pitches, as well as two rugby pitches, three tennis courts, a sports hall, an indoor football pitch and a large gym with sports science and medical facilities.

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    “This deal is a strong strategic fit for AstraZeneca, reinforcing both our focus on oncology as a core therapy area and Japan as one of our key growth drivers,” said Marc Dunoyer, executive vice president for global products and portfolio strategy at AstraZeneca.

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